Scumbag ‘pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli mocked Clinton as she exited daughter’s home

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When one thinks of America’s most hated figures they certainly think of Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical CEO. Shkreli became the man everyone loves to hate after he unapologetically raised the price of critical medicine to which the company owned the rights for no reason other than pure unadulterated greed. Shkreli was arrested due to allegations of breaking various laws while CEO due to securities fraud.  Due to his gall and lack of public capitulation toward public greed Shkreli was subpoenaed and forced to appear in front of the United States House of Representatives to testify about his business practices. Shkreli infamously refused to answer a single question asked of him, besides confirming his name, citing his 5th amendment protection to not incriminate himself. The public was mostly satisfied with the resolution and Shkreli was forgotten about, which the attention seeker which simply cannot abide. He has done his best to regain the public’s attention

Shkreli is doing his ugly best to regain the public’s attention, this time by mocking Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as she exited her daughter Chelsea’s New York City apartment. Shkreli cat called Clinton, “Do you need pharma bro’s help?” Clinton stoically ignored him, but this did not deter Shkreli who then shouted, “Why are you so sick?” The former pharmaceutical CEO continued his public beratement of Clinton, “Drop out! Drop out! Drop out!”

The video which can be viewed below shows the childish mentality of Shkreli, and further confirms why nearly everyone in America hates his guts:

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