Right wing LUNATICS go CRAZY on Twitter, say Clinton is using a body double

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The right-wing nut conspiracy theory mill is churning out idiotic propaganda at a rapid pace about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health. For years the morons have opined with various stupid thoughts about the circumstances surrounding Clinton, and many of these theories have been granted new life after Clinton had an issue in New York City with the heat caused by, according to her doctor, a case of pneumonia.

However, the right-wing nuts aren’t buying the doctor’s story one bit. Instead many individuals on Twitter believe that Clinton is using a body-double ala the Hollywood cult classic film “Dave.” The movie is predicated on the acting president falling ill and having to rely on Dave, a body double, to conceal the president’s health.

View some of the Tweets below:

One of the unhinged fools went so far as to compare the size of Clinton’s fingers as if were the smoking gun which would settle the case once and for all!

The hateful individuals then took the msygonistic tone of attacking Clinton’s weight, because nothing is classier than pontificating about the figure of a woman who is almost 70-years-old.

What has this proved? Does Clinton have a body double? Please. If one believes that the should contact me privately and I will sell them some magic beans to climb to a bridge I have for sale.

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