Republican NJ candidate wished for female reporter to be raped

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The hostile rhetoric of Republicans is a known staple of their base. They use insults and aggressive comments to demean and demonize individuals who do not fall in line with their authoritarian world views where the poor are lazy and women are second class citizens. This type of ugly thinking was on full display when a Republican candidate for office wished for a female reporter to be raped, and the Internet is not taking the individual’s wishes of harm lightly.

Mike Krawitz is running for a place on the West Deptford Township Committee. The New Jersey Republican has run for the same office numerous times and thankfully has always lost. Being the perennial loser that he is, Krawitz took to Twitter to harass a female reporter from The Daily Beast wishes that she be raped. The reporter in question, Olivia Nuzzi, chose to share the interaction with the world rather than to hide and cower from Krawitz’s vile statements.

If one were to wager as to who Krawitz is supporting in the presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who would be the favorite to have Krawitz’s support? Well, Donald Trump of course. Was there ever any doubt? Krawitz is a staunch supporter of Trump, which is of little surprise as Trump has normalized the dehumanization of women in his belief that they are mere objects that exist for the gratification of men. One merely has to browse Krawitz’s public Facebook page to see his never ending love for all things Trump. The two are a match made in Hell.

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