Raunchy Photos Of Ivanka Trump “Grinding” On Donald’s Lap

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The relationship between Republican Nominee Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump has been strange and continues to become only more questionable. Trump has (jokingly?) expressed interest in dating his daughter and seems to parade her around while joking about her attractiveness. Made somewhat more weird by the fact he thought the thing they have most in common as an interest was sex. What?

As a result, the photos of Ivanka and Donald that look a little bit too close for comfort are getting weirder to look at. Now there’s another photo, taken at Mar-A-Lago which looks really really weird. Ivanka is sitting on Donald’s lap and seems to be “grinding” on her. Meanwhile, his wife is seen in the background of the photo, awkward!

Via WinningDemocrats: The picture was taken in 1996 at a Beach Boys performance at Mar-A-Largo. Marla Maples can be seen in the distance playing third wheel in her own marriage to a 15-year-old Ivanka. An unidentified man can be seen looking at the happy couple either very jealous or very disgusted. You make the call.

Is this normal father daughter stuff, or is it getting a little weird?


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