Racist militia group shuts down town meeting over possibly building Muslim place of worship

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Right-wing conservatives came out of the woodwork in a hostile bid to halt the construction of a Mosque in Atlanta. These freedom loving patriots only believe in the freedom of religion if it agrees with their own religious rhetoric. Perhaps they would do well to pick up a constitution to better understand the First Amendment.

City officials in Covington, GA were forced to cancel a meeting to decide if they would end a moratorium on building a Mosque after individuals from the self-described “Three Percent Security Force” showed up outside of the meeting place carrying a variety of weapons. They also made a threatening video which has been shared online.

The moronic group’s leader, Chris Hill, said, “I was just shooting from the hip is what I was doing, and saying, ‘Right over there, this is going to be a future ISIS training group. This is where you’re going to see terrorism taking hold in Newton County.’ It’s tied to terrorism, everything from 9/11 to Boston bombings to the Fort Hood shooting, to the coup in Turkey. It’s all connected.” Hill is colorfully known as “Blood Agent” amongst his closest friends.

Hill, who is obviously ignorant to the meaning of the First Amendment, also said, “As an American, I have a right to defend. As a Marine, I have a right and a duty to defend our country and our Constitution.”

Does Hill not understand he and his buddies with guns are actually the antithesis of constitutional defenders by dehumanizing a religion which they do not agree with?

Watch the group’s video below:

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