Protesters taunt rapist Brock Turner outside of his home

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Brock Turner is a convicted rapist who was facing almost 20 years in prison, but was recently released from custody after serving only 3 months of a 6 month sentence. Turner received the light punishment because the judge though a multi-year sentence would have ruined his life. This is an odd position to take considering Turner’s victim’s life has already been ruined, and many members of the public wonder why consideration is given to the perpetrator and not the innocent victim.

After Turner’s release he fled to the comforts of his parent’s home in Dayton, Ohio thinking he could have a quiet time as he reacclimated himself to civilized society, but Turner’s neighbors were uninterested with politely welcoming the convicted rapist back to the neighborhood. Instead around a dozen protesters are staked out outside of Turner’s parent’s home, with signs and several individuals are carrying assault rifles. Turner’s parents live in Ohio, which is an open carry state so the individuals packing heat aren’t breaking any laws.

On protester spoke on the record to a local media affiliate and vowed, “He’s not going to live some happy pleasant life. We’re going to never let him forget what he did.” A neighbor named Molly Hardin also spoke out, “He’s just not welcome.”

The sign which has gained the most attention from the media is one which reads, “If I rape Brock will only do 3 months?” Other signs have colorful slogans such as “castrate all rapists” and “If it wasn’t rape then why’d you run?”

The protesters have no plans to leave Turner alone, and they are breaking no laws by being outside of the home. Mr. Turner will be haunted by his crimes forever, and if he is not going to spend years in a prison cell then he is going to live a miserable life out in public as a constant reminder that his actions will not be excused of forgotten.

Watch CBS Evening news’ report on the protesters:

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