President H.W. Bush CONFIRMS who he’s voting for…..

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The list of political enemies of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to grow. Trump’s penchant for stating he has wide support amongst Republicans is nothing short of a fairy tale, and the proof is in the pudding. Recently a former Republican president was outed by a famed political figure for being ready to cast a vote in favor of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

George H. W. Bush, the 41st president, has not spoken publicly in support of Trump’s candidacy which is telling enough. However Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, spilled all of the beans on Bush’s little secret: he’s going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Towsend posted a picture on her Facebook page with the caption, “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”

While not denying Kennedy’s allegations, Bush didn’t confirm her comments either. Instead Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath, said, “The vote President Bush will cast as a private citizen in some 50 days will be just that: a private vote cast in some 50 days. He is not commenting on the presidential race in the interim.”

McGrath’s comments are mildly insincere and vapid considering Bush and his wife were campaigning for his son, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, before he was humiliated and forced to drop out of the race. Now that Bush no longer has skin in the game, he chooses to stay silent. Yet, one cannot hold it against a father attempting to help his son. The writing is on the wall for the Bush family, and it seems the patriarch is ready to admit the Bush dynasty is coming to a close with his tacit willingness to support Clinton over Trump.


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