President Bush asked Obama to do WHAT?

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The opening of the historic “National Museum of African-American History and Culture” was an event to be remembered. Large crowds gathered from miles around to mark the auspicious occasion to celebrate African Americans. Many individuals of note were there including former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. The two have had a civil relationship with one another, at least in public, despite being ideologically opposite. The presidents buddied around with one another at the opening, with Bush even asking Obama to do a favor for him which would have been off limits for almost every other person on the planet.

After George W. Bush gave a short speech that received a tepid applause he asked President Obama to take a picture of him and a random family. Obama, every gracious, was happy to grant Bush’s request and in doing so framed his own amusing picture. As Obama was taking a picture of Bush, Obama’s photographer captured the moment of Obama. How many times in American history can one point towards when one president took a picture of another president? They are likely few and far between.

It is certainly true that Bush left office with one of the lowest approval ratings in American history after destroying the world’s economy and starting foreign wars with no purpose or end, but at the event he was all smiles and plenty of individuals were happy to see him.

Watch the odd scenario unfold below:

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