People prepare for end of world if Trump wins by building million dollar bomb shelters

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With the presidential election barely a month away individuals around the nation and world are feeling a tinge of unsettled fear at the unknown. Both Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump or Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have stated they are willing to engage enemies more aggressively than President Barack Obama has in the past. The anxiety that a third World War could break out under either administration is real, and individuals who have financial means are harking back to the days of the Cold War by commissioning the building of luxury bomb shelters to protect themselves and their families.

Rising S Bunkers” is a luxury bunker building business, which has seen their sales explode by 700% in the last year. An employee of Rising S Bunkers, Gary Lynch, says whenever there is an election and people feel threatened the company’s revenues rise. Lynch elaborated, “Any time there is a turbulent political landscape, we see a spike in our sales.”

How much does a luxury bomb shelter cost? As much as $8 million, but the facilities come with all of the modern conveniences of home! While underground the shelter can sustain dozens of people for up to a full year, and there is even space provided for growing crops in case occupants are forced to stay underground beyond the time their provisions last. There is also a movie theater, and a garage to protect expensive vehicles from a nuclear blast. Because once the smoke clears, one certainly has to drive around in the new dystopian world in style! There is also a full gym, and a movie theater included in the $8 million cost.

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