Obama CRUSHES Trump and media BIAS against Clinton

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President Barack Obama has been traveling around the country giving speeches at rallies for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Obama spared none of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s feelings, nor did Obama seek to placate the media who he finds to be culpable in the rise of Trump as a serious presidential contender.

While in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Obama asked, “Do you mind if I just vent for a second? I sure do get frustrated with the way this campaign is covered. There are serious issues at stake in this election, behind all the frivolous stuff that gets covered every day.”

The outgoing president pointed out Trump’s hypocrisy on taxes:

You wanna debate transparency? You’ve got one candidate in this race who’s released decades’ worth of her tax returns. The other candidate is the first in decades who refuses to release any at all. You wanna debate foundations and charities? One candidate’s family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. The other candidate’s foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a 6-foot-tall painting of himself. I mean, he had the taste not to go for the 10-foot version!

Obama punctuated his remarks by pointing out Trump has been lying about his stance on Iraq. Trump says he was against the invasion from the very beginning, but the actual record says otherwise. Obama hopes more Americans will wake up to this fact about Trump. He said, “Donald Trump says stuff every day that used to be considered as disqualifying for being president. And yet because he says it over and over again, the press just gives up and then you say, well, yeah, you know, okay. They did stuff — I was opposed to the war in Iraq. Well, actually, he wasn’t, but they just accept it.”

View all of Obama’s remarks below:

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