Numerous former mistresses of Bill Clinton to attend first presidential debate

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Presidential debates are supposed to be a time when both candidates are given the opportunity to share their views with the American people who are to vote for them in the near future. In many cases the debates are the first time Americans have heard directly from the candidates and elections can be won or lost based on a candidate’s performance. However the 2016 presidential election is not a typical election, and the first presidential debate is shaping up to be a circus of epic proportions.

It was previously reported that the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton plans on giving a front-row seat to left-wing billionaire Mark Cuban, so that Cuban would be able to troll Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on stage. Cuban later confirmed his seat via Twitter. In response to this the Trump campaign lobbied and succeeded in inviting one of President Bill Clinton’s former mistresses named Gennifer Flowers to the debate. It is a matter of public record that Clinton admitted to having a sexual relationship with Flowers.

Now another of Clinton’s former mistresses, Paula Jones, says that she wants to join in on the mud slinging fest and hopes to be invited to the party. Jay Aubin Tweeted to Jones asking if she had been invited, and Jones replied, “I wish I could say I was going, but haven’t been invited! ?” All of this back and forth has truly diminished the dignity of the presidency, and either candidate who wins will find themselves having to deal with the fallout.

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