Native American protesters ATTACKED with DOGS

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Individuals from around the world have traveled to North Dakota to protest the construction of a pipeline which they believe will have a disastrous impact on the local environment. To stop them security agents with no legal authority have reacted with sheer brutality and the acts were caught on video which have since went viral. The outrage among the Internet has been furious with individuals calling for the security guards to be prosecuted for their actions.

Many of the protesters are Native American and chanted, “Water is life!” and were not violent. This did not stop private security guards for the Dakota Access Pipeline from use violence and intimidation. Video shows the protesters being pepper-sprayed and attacked with rabid dogs. The protesters were boxed in with nowhere to run and on a video they can be heard screaming, “They’ve got trucks behind us too!”

The protesters know that they cannot become violent themselves, for if they do they are giving in to the security guards who are hoping to provoke a response to justify their brutal actions. Instead, representatives from Red Warrior camp said, “We remain nonviolent and unarmed. We ask that supporters keep focus on the fact that this corporation feels justified in using this level of force against unarmed and nonviolent water protectors and the state is allowing it.”

View some of the horrific evidence below:

Watch some reporting by DemocracyNow:

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