MSNBC Host Demolishes Trump Advisor For Refusing To Stop Lying In Two Classy Sentences

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MSNBC’s Craig Melvin interviewed top Trump advisor Boris Ephsteyn early Sunday. Boris cited Trump’s lie that ISIS can be blamed on Hillary & Obama, and Melvin wasn’t having any of it.

“ISIS was nothing before Hillary Clinton destroyed the Middle East establishment. She destroyed the secular leaders in the Middle East.”

Melvin fired back that you could argue ISIS was Bush’s fault, to which Boris replied:

“No, you cannot. You can say it was a doctrine in the 1920s that was the end of the Middle East, go all the way back to the 1500s. But the real reason that we are where we are is because under Hillary Clinton, the Middle East has been set on fire. And it’s her fault.”

Then boris devolved to denying Trump’s comments about how rape is the inevitable conclusion of mixing men and women in the military.

Except, that tweet is on the internet!

Boris like other Trump supporters proved he is thoroughly disconnected with reality.

“And you’re not giving the full context of what he said. He respects women inside and outside the military and is 100 percent convinced that what we need to do is change the way that sexual assaults are investigated and prosecuted in the military.”

When Boris offered to stay longer Melvin shut him down in the most polite way possibly to let him know what a scumbag he is!

“Well, we just don’t have 20 minutes for me to sit here and try and refute everything that you say — that you know probably not to be true.”

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