Montel Williams Obliterates Trump For His War Mongering Last Night

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The Commander and Chief forum was hosted on MSNBC by Matt Lauer Wednesday evening. Both nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were in attendance. Lauer has come under considerable criticism for spending 15 minutes of the debate discussing Hillary’s emails, giving her six questions, five of which were follow ups. He then refused to do even one follow up question when Trump blatantly lied about having supported the Iraq War, despite Hillary Clinton having said exactly where Trump endorsed the idea, specifically the Howard Stern show.

Trump didn’t just lie, he also said outrageous things:
I’ve always said, ‘Shouldn’t be there! But if we’re gonna get out, take the oil.’ If we would have taken the oil, you wouldn’t have ISIS. Because ISIS formed with the power and wealth of that oil.

The idea requires leaving a force behind in Iraq perhaps permanently. Amongst reasonable people (non-Republicans) the idea was completely opposed to common sense. One person to speak out was former Navy Lt. Cmdr. Montel Williams.

Williams in a TV appearance:
We allowed Donald Trump to get a pass, making a statement again that he would support our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marine corps, and coastguardmen committing a war crime.

When you steal another country’s resources, it is part of the Geneva code. That is a war crime, it’s against a law that we have signed onto.


To denegrate the current crop of generals and leadership in our military the way Donald Trump did tonight… I was so appalled. It angered me.

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