Mike Pence’s 1993 magazine publication said AWFUL things about gay people

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, has made a career out of being a hateful bigot. During Pence’s tenure as governor he has passed a variety of restrictive and ignorant laws against women and the LGBT community, both of which have caused the public to become ignited with righteous outrage. Pence has been forced to back peddle on his anti-gay laws after Indiana’s economy lost $60 million in revenue from outraged citizens who refused to do business in the state. However, when Pence was just starting out in the 90s, he had no such filter and was much more open with his dislike for homosexuals.

A recently uncovered 1993 issue of the “Indiana Policy review” of which Pence was the president from 1991 to 1994 reads like something directly out of a bigot’s playbook. In particular an article titled “The Pink Newsroom” is of special significance, as it questions the integrity of homosexuals who would dare to go into the cutthroat business of journalism. The article begins with indignation that numerous national newspapers were attending “a gay journalist employment fair”, because the gays have no right to organize themselves collectively. Especially in the 90s when the attitudes towards gay rights were not nearly as open and welcoming as they are today.

The article, which had Pence’s name prominently in the sidebar of the publication, went on to question the ability of homosexuals to separate their profession from what was despicably described as “sexually motivated behavior.” Because homosexuals are just sexual deviants who simply cannot contain themselves. Yes, this work was endorsed by Pence. As the president he was well aware of the publication’s content, of which previously said gay people enjoy “showering in the urine of others.”

After taking a glimpse at Pence’s early handiwork, it should be a sharp warning to all Americans who would dare to vote for Donald Trump and therefore put Pence as the next in the line of succession for the presidency. Statistically every citizen of America knows someone who is gay, or has a gay family member. If those individuals wish to unleash the hatred of Pence, they should vote for Donald Trump. If they value their gay friends and family, they should vote for Hillary Clinton. It’s really that simple.

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