Michigan just made it ILLEGAL for the city of Flint to sue them over water crisis

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The city of Flint, Michigan threatened to sue the state of Michigan over the city’s water services which have been in disrepair causing disease to spread amongst the city’s citizens. However, the state of Michigan put a stop to a lawsuit by making it illegal for the city to sue the state. It must be nice to arbitrarily create laws on demand to protect yourself from litigation.

Flint’s Mayor, Karen Weaver, notified the state in March of a possible lawsuit. However, the city is being managed by an “emergency manager” who has the legal right to override the democratically elected mayor. When word of the lawsuit started to gain steam, a “Receivership Transition Advisory Board”, changed the rules so the city is not allowed to sue. As it happens every member of the dubious and constitutionally illegal board have all been appointed by Republican governor Rick Snyder. Snyder remains one of the most hated governors in America, and this is another example as to why.

Weaver said of the legal changes, “It is a sign of their intent to ensure the City of Flint is indemnified for any and all debts and obligations imposed upon the city while under state control. I will continue to do everything within my power to safeguard the city.”

The water crisis in Flint has been a subject of national conversation for months, and thus far the state of Michigan has done very little to offer relief to its citizens. By hindering the local government to speak for the people, the state has shown they are only interested in protecting themselves, and not in protecting the health and well-being of the state’s citizens.

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