Michelle Obama saw George W. Bush and did something NO ONE expected

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The Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History recently opened in Washington, D.C. to a large crowd with much fanfare. The gala event included a speech by the highly unpopular former President George W. Bush. Michelle and President Barack Obama were also in attendance, and the First Lady took a moment to take a picture with Bush that has the Internet buzzing with curiosity.

The First Lady has always been a class act and she warmly embraced the former president. The moment which was shared by the two was a nice change of pace from political partisanship that has plagued the nation due to a highly contentious election.

President George W. Bush was in attendance at the opening because its construction and opening have been a project of his after he left office. Bush, through all of his faults — and he has many — was not often described as a racist. He took pride that his administration had an African American national security adviser in Condoleeza Rice, and in various other high profile cabinet positions.

While both sides viciously want to win First Lady Obama signaled that at least for one day, there would be a ceasefire of political tensions. For his part, President Bush has remained mostly silent on who he is supporting for president, but his father former President George H. W. Bush was outed recently as supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

View the exchange below:

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