Michelle Bachmann Wants Hillary Clinton In Jail… But, She Forgets One Thing

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Michelle Bachmann is the sweetheart to Conservative Crazy. She thinks President Obama is the anti-christ, hates Hillary Clinton, hates everyone.

Via RealTimePolitics:
At Friday’s Values Voter Summit, former Congresswoman Bachmann made her accusations against Clinton, saying that as a member of the intelligence committee, Clinton was solely responsible for Benghazi, and that she “flunked her test as Commander-In Chief”. Of course President Obama was Commander-In-Chief, but that’s just semantics, right?

Then just as her speech hit the sweet spot where she was about to blast former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the recently-concluded email investigation by the FBI, though, Bachmann ran into a bit of a gaffe, saying:

“She should be brought up, by the FBI, and recommended for felony charges, and actually in time, doing jail!”

But Michelle, the FBI already looked into Hillary’s emailed and didn’t recommend any charges. Conservatives as usual aren’t letting facts, history, or… reality get in the way of their arguments. The crowd LOVED the suggestion, no surprise there. But, how thick is the bubble that they live in where they aren’t aware of what is actually going on? FBI Director James Comey is a Republican, he was a loved Republican, until he defied their illusion that Hillary didn’t do what they said.

Can someone get the memo to Michelle that the investigation ran its course and there is nothing happening anymore.

People in the crowd can be chanting “Lock Her Up”, it’s very charming. What do you think of these people?

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