Michael Moore Reveals Disturbing Truth About Trump’s Debate Performance And Who “Won” Debate

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Michael Moore is making ominous predictions about the election despite the fact that Hillary Clinton “won” the first debate Monday. Moore is making the point that while reasonable people watching the debate and evaluating it on merit might think that Trump lost, in the modern political dichotomy that Trump has created, he may very well have “won”.

Hillary pounded an unprepared Trump over and over again, but did it in a classy and dignified way. She pointed out Trump’s sexism, Trump’s failed businesses, Trump’s lack of temperament to be President. But, does any of that make it’s way into the vacuum of Trump and his supporters? Trump offered them the soundbites that they wanted, talking about her stamina, bragging about how wonderful he is, living in a bubble in which he was “fantastic”.

While those in the political class on both the right and left might look at the debate and analyze it as a “win” for Hillary, will that translate into better poll numbers for Hillary? Moore thinks not.

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