Mexico proposes sanctions against US due to Trump’s plan to build wall

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A sitting Mexican senator has proposed a sweeping new law that would allow the government of Mexico to retaliate against the United States economically if Republican presidential nominee Donald Trumps wins the presidency and enacts his strict policies against Mexico and its citizens.

Mexican senator Armandos Rios Peter, member of the Party of Democratic Revolution, is planning to present an initiative to protect the economic interests of Mexicans. The initiative is built upon the concept of granting special powers of the Mexican senate if its interests are threatened by other countries. This includes allowing the Mexican senate to revoke international business treaties. The law states, “In cases where the property or assets of our fellow citizens or companies are affected by a foreign government, as Donald Trump has threatened, the Mexican government should proportionally expropriate assets and properties of foreigners from that country on our territory.”

The actual implementation of Rios Piter’s proposal is unclear, and experts claim it is unlikely for the full Mexican senate to embrace such sweeping legislation. Rios Piter said none of this matters and, “At a time like this, it’s vital for us to understand why this relationship benefits both. We’re neighbors, we’re friends, we’re partners. He’s putting that at risk.”

Donald Trump’s campaign has yet to issue a response to the proposed legislation. Considering Trump’s inability to use tact in dealing Mexico’s president one can assume whatever response is issued, it will not be polite.


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