Megyn Kelly Ridicules Trump’s SpokesWoman For Pushing Obama Birther Conspiracy

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Republican Nominee Donald Trump STILL refuses to publicly say President Obama was born in the United States. Trump’s campaign head Kellyanne Conway has said that Trump believes it, as has former Mayor Rudy Guilliani however Trump refuses to say it in front of the cameras. Instead saying he’ll talk about it “at the right time”, but with the election 60 days away, when is that time?

The insanity is drawing criticism from Fox News now, with Megyn Kelly questioning the perpetually strange Katrina Pierson when Trump would answer the question.

Via RawStory:

“Here we are, 15 months later, and still there are many in the media that expect Donald Trump to be some robotic politician and that’s just not who he is,” Pierson said. “He was asked to respond to Colin Powell’s comments, and he did. He’s not gonna let the media determine what he talks about and when, and that’s exactly what you’re seeing here. Mr. Trump is gonna be Mr. Trump. He will respond when he feels like it.”

“So why wouldn’t he say it when asked tonight?” Kelly asked Pierson.

“Simply because he does not talk about that anymore,” said Pierson, parroting the campaign line. “Barack Obama is not on the ballot. It is completely irrelevant to the election cycle.”

“Katrina, that’s not gonna fly,” Kelly replied, shaking her head. “Does he believe it or not? You have a lot of people — particularly African-Americans — who feel that that position was a racist position meant to delegitimize the president. I’m taking no position on this; I’m relaying to you what they’ve said. His own campaign manager came out and said he has shifted his belief on this and now when asked directly, he refuses to confirm that. Why?”

“The media didn’t force him to come out and take a position being a birther, but he did!” Kelly shouted in response.

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