Mark Cuban SAVAGED Trump’s debate performance

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After the first presidential debate which saw Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on the stage for the first time together, there was little debate about who took the glory. Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming victory was exactly what her campaign needed to stop Trump’s momentum. Many in the audience agreed Clinton won, including billionaire Mark Cuban who had more than a few words to say about Trump’s rhetoric.

During the debate Trump proudly proclaimed that he has not paid federal income taxes due to loopholes. While Clinton said this was a mark against Trump, the failed businessman did not agree and offered an excuse of not paying taxes, “That makes me smart.” Or evil. Or misinformed. Or living in an entirely different reality than everyone else. Take your pick.

After Trump’s bragging he was savaged by Mark Cuban in a post-debate interview. Cuban said:

I get audited every year my taxes are — it takes me 45 minutes just to sign all the different taxes that I have to spend. And I tell my tax lawyers and everybody, you know, take advantage of — do what the law recommends. But I’m not against paying taxes. And I’ll give you a perfect example. When the Dallas Mavericks were building a new practice facility which was just opening I had the opportunity to go to Dallas and and play different cities against each other to get different rebates and everything. I didn’t do it. A couple years ago we had some issues in Dallas, I just wrote a check to the general treasury.

This year we had, after the shootings in Orlando, I had concerns about the LGBT community in Dallas. I just wrote a million dollar check to the city of Dallas to support a bunch of different programs. I’m, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. There’s nobody who’s been as blessed as me and my family, so far, knock on wood, is healthy, and at some point you have to realize you have to give back. And you have to realize that this is a country that’s been great to us. And you can’t just take, take, take, take, take, take.

.@mcuban on Trump saying not paying taxes makes him smart #debatenight

— Stefan Becket (@becket) September 27, 2016

The comments by Cuban highlights the feeling shared by millions of other American taxpayers. It is the duty of all who have done well in America to pay back into the system which made them so much money, something of which Trump stands squarely against.

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