Mark Cuban just HUMILIATED Trump on Twitter

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claims to be a billionaire, but among other actual confirmed billionaires he is the whipping boy of the group. Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, recently made Trump an offer he should not refuse worth $10 million merely to talk!

Cuban took to Twitter on Sept. 16 to bait Trump to have a policy interview with him. Cuban tweeted:

The NBA owner then presented the stipulated rules which included being unable to mention Hillary Clinton:

Cuban sought to have a one on one altercation with Trump:

Cuban then offered to let Trump keep the $10 million bounty, which was a cheap shot. If Cuban were serious about Trump participating in the conversation he should have not taken the low road. Not that Trump would accept anyway, but now Trump has an excuse to disregard Cuban:

After Trump’s initial announcement Cuban was supportive of Trump’s presidential bid. However, after Trump began opening his mouth and proving he knew nothing Cuban endorsed Hillary Clinton in July 2016.

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