Malia Obama Caught Breaking The Law… Again

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Barack Obama is likely less than enthusiastic about the amount of controversy that Malia has caused due to some unfortunate photo appearances. Nothing too unusual for a girl becoming a young adult, but it makes for unfortunate tabloid fodder.

Malia Obama was “twerking” at Lollapalooza, then caught smoking marijuana, then pulled from a party that got a little out of hand while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. The new “controversy” is over some photos of Malia partaking in beer pong, the great tradition of people who are just starting to drink amongst friends in their college years.

The issue is not that she’s doing it, one can expect as much. The issue is that her friends are taking photos of themselves, or her, and those photos are finding their way to social media.

This is for all intensive purposes another fake controversy aimed to get conservatives to think that the Obama’s are neglecting basic parenting duties, but one wonders why Malia is surrounding herself around people who likely post these photos knowing that they are going to become problematic.

One wonders what people think who are in jail for holding small amounts of marijuana, while Malia was smoking while under guard from a Secret Service detail. It doesn’t seem entirely fair, which is to be expected, the problem is when it’s shoved into people’s faces.

#MaliaObama going have to start having a no cellphone policy ?

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