Maddow Laughs Hysterically At Trump Spokeswoman Meltdown On This Issue

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Kellyanne Conway Is Republican Nominee Donald Trump’s new(ish) spokeswoman, ever since she’s come on board the strategy has been to tone down the rhetoric. That strategy has now made them look utterly ridiculous after Charlie Rose posed the question to Conway of “What would Trump do if North Korea had a nuclear missile?” a question that is simple enough, but the attempted answer(s) to which had Rachel Maddow laughing her head off.

This comes after everyone has been asked to think about if Trump is a responsible enough person to handle the nuclear codes. Amongst every group that supports him when asked on the nuclear issue he polls extremely low.

Her first response to “What would Trump do?” was to complain about Obama. To his credit, Charlie got uncharacteristically perturbed by her shenanigans and interrupted her, while complaining about the fact that this is all Republicans ever do when you ask them a question — change the subject and talk about the Democrats.

So then, he put it to her again. What would Trump do if he knew North Korea had the actual capability of striking the U.S. with a nuke? Kellyanne’s response was that Trump would look out for the interests of America.

Here’s one possible response for her: Trump should listen to the people who actually know things and have military/intelligence experience and take their advice. Kind of like Obama, who surrounds himself with other brilliant and competent people.

Do you agree?

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