Keith Lamont Scott’s wife released SHOCKING video of her husband’s death at hands of police

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The ghastly shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina has sparked outrage among the American people. Another unarmed man was gunned down by police, and for apparently no good reason. The officer involved has a history of violence and complaints against them, and the public is now demanding answers. Yet, the questions continue to pile up.

NBC News obtained a video from Scott’s wife which showed her perspective of the encounter with police that left her husband dead on the pavement. The video itself does not show the shooting and therefore does not shed any light on the situation, as police say Scott was reaching for a weapon. However, for the widow of Scott to sit and watch her husband be shot and killed in front of her is something that nobody should ever have to see.

In the video she pleads with police not to shoot her husband numerous times. She shouts at the police that her husband was taking medication. She even yelled, “Keith, don’t you do it!” However, her pleadings all fell upon deaf ears.

The incident has reached a boiling point in America, and even the White House has gotten involved in the debate about police violence. The Justice Department has dispatched its agents to the area to quell rising angst amongst the population at Obama’s order, but it is too little too late. Keith Lamont Scott is dead, and no amount of apologies or promises to investigate corrupt police forces will bring him back.

Watch the video below:

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