Journalist Has EPIC Takedown Of Anyone Voting Trump In Open Letter Going Viral

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Drew Magary of GQ penned an open letter to voice his frustrations over so many people voting Trump. As a journalist, and as a reasonable person, he’s exhausted from a complete inability of facts about Trump scandals to dissuade the minds of the crazed Trump fans. Keith Olberman had to take 17 minutes in a video posted to GQ just to name every absolute lie that Trump has ever said, and how many more lies are we going to see?

How many scandals does Trump have, how many businesses that have gone bankrupt, contractors that have been screwed over by Trump. And people are angry with Hillary over mistakes she made over a few emails?

This letter is epic, and is the sentiment that all of us feel towards those who refuse to understand just how dangerous Trump is.

And so I’d just like to say to that portion of the electorate: F**k you. No, seriously. Go f**k yourselves. I’m not gonna waste any more time trying to convince you that you’re about to do something you’ll regret forever. I’m not gonna show you old clips of Trump saying rotten things. I’m not gonna try to ANNIHILATE Trump by showing you records of his hypocrisy and greed. I’m not gonna link to a John Oliver clip and be like, “THIS. So much this.” Nothing’s gonna take down Trump at this point, so I’m not gonna bother. No no, this post is for ME. I am preaching to the sad little choir in my soul here.

Because while Trump is a miserable bastard, YOU are the people who have handed him the bullhorn. YOU are the people willing to embarrass this nation and put it on the brink of economic ruin all because you wanna throw an electoral hissy fit. YOU are the people who want to revolutionize the way America does business by voting for its worst businessman, a disgusting neon pig who only makes money when he causes problems for other people instead of solving them. YOU are the thin-skinned yokels who clutch your bandoliers whenever someone hurls the mildest of slurs at you (“deplorables”), while cheering Trump on as he leaves a bonfire of truly hateful invective everywhere he goes. YOU are the people willing to overlook the fact that Trump is an unqualified, ignorant sociopath because DURRRR HILLARY IS BAD TOO DURRRR.

You know what? No, she’s not. She’s fine. I lived through one Clinton, and I can live through another. My reasons for hating Trump are better than your reasons for hating Hillary. Show me all the arguments against her you like. You guys don’t give a shit about facts and research when it comes to Trump, so I’m not gonna give a shit about whatever clumsy meme you cook up to explain why she did Benghazi. Nope. Sorry. Fuck your arguments, and fuck you. Trump has shown no respect for anyone, so I don’t see why you deserve any either. Whatever mildly frustrating centrist liberal bureaucracy that Hillary presides over will be fine compared to the spray tan mushroom cloud that would arise all because YOU thought Trump was such a brave, un-PC dickhead to everyone within shouting distance.

Full story here.

Do you know anyone who refuses to listen to any reason when defending their support of Trump? Comment below.

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