Joe Biden shuts down protesters with EMOTIONAL statement

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While making his way around the nation stumping for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden encountered some resistance during a speech in Parma, Ohio and he handled the situation with poise and grace. Biden’s handling of the situation was a stark contrast to the typical reaction of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to call for protesters to be ejected, or worse, to “punch them in the face.”

Biden was in mid-speech, “This is not made up stuff. We don’t have to make up anything this year. These guys are deadly earnest, and guys this is not over. There should be no reason…” when suddenly he was interrupted by a protester who was shouting, “My friends died!” and “We fought for America!”

Biden bowed his head in seriousness and listened to the protester. He responded, “Hey, I tell you what, by the way, if you’re serious.” The protester snapped back, “My friends died.” Biden, showing complete humility, brought the crowd to tears when he said, “So did my son, ok? So, look. Let me ask you a question. Come back after and talk to me about this. Ok? You have my permission. Ok? Alright.”

The gravitas of Biden shows why he is one of America’s most beloved politicians and why he would have been such a tough competitor against Trump during a general election.

Watch the entire speech by Biden below:

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