Jimmy Fallon MESSES UP Trump’s Hair On Live TV, Revealing BIZARRE Bald Trump Head

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Jimmy Fallon somehow talked Trump into letting him mess up his hair, as shown in the video clip below. It was part of a bit that entailed Fallon getting to do something now that he wouldn’t once Trump was President(terrifying thought). I captured a bunch of screenshots so you don’t have to keep hitting pause, the results are absolutely bizarre to look at. The camera angle is looking on Trump favorably at the end of it, but there appear to be very few hairs on the right side of his head.

Via The Hill: According to the Associated Press, Fallon wanted to do something “unpresidential” with Trump. The AP also reported that pool photographers were not allowed to take Trump’s picture after the interview.

Here’s what’s very strange about this. Fallon likely talked Trump’s people into letting him do this, then Trump didn’t allow the photographers to take photos. Look at the way that Fallon rubs Trump’s head, he’s basically just going back and forth, he didn’t go onto Trump’s head and scramble it in all directions, he basically just did a light back and forth a few times over.

Trump’s hair was made to look much more normal than it is, and Fallon’s people likely agreed to two things: 1. That Fallon would only shake it back and forth and not scramble it all around and 2. that the camera wouldn’t shoot Trump unfavorably afterwards.

Tallk about #HairGate — How bizarre is Trump’s bald head that he couldn’t just let Fallon mess with it?






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