Ivanka Trump Gives Worlds Worst Excuse For Trump’s Offensive Antics

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Ivanka Trump made an appearance on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly File to discuss Republican Nominee Donald Trump. Both women have a strange history with Trump. Megyn has been the subject of harassment on Twitter from Trump and his followers in addition to being mocked on television. Ivanka on the other hand seems to be the object “unusual” fanfare Trump has with her, saying he would date her if she wasn’t his daughter on multiple occasions.

The question was posed, why isn’t Trump doing well with women. The great mystery! How could Trump not be doing well there…

“I wanna ask you about women while you’re here. Obviously your dad’s had some trouble with them; he’s 15 points behind Hillary in most of the polls with women, and clearly he’s made some comments with women that have had led to that… I’ve always wondered how you reacted.”

“My father can be an equal opportunity offender… If somebody says something against him, he will speak his mind. And he treats women equal to how he treats men.”

There you have it folks! Equal opportunity offender. Don’t take anything Trump has said too seriously, because he’s not just racist, he’s racist and sexist, so it’s OK. Right!? Right.

“In a certain way, there’s no bias in his viewpoint. He views all people equally — men or women, it doesn’t matter — and he treats them accordingly. And I think we’ve seen that. He’s very authentic, and he’ll tell anyone, man or woman, what he’s thinking and how he feels.”

Segment below, worth a watch. Do you buy this “equal offender” business as a legitimate excuse?

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