If Clinton drops out Democrats OVERWHELMINGLY want THIS candidate to replace her

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health has been the subject of much debate after she lost her balance in New York City. Republicans have been citing Clinton’s health as a reason why she is unfit to be president. If the unlikely event Clinton were to either quit or be unable to continue in the presidential election an overwhelming number of likely Democratic voters have picked who they want to be Clinton’s successor.

With 1,000 likely voters surveyed it was Senator Bernie Sanders who was selected with a whopping 48 percent of support. ¬†Only 14 percent of voters, if given the choice, wanted Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine to fill her spot. Surprisingly Vice President Joe Biden performed better than Kaine with 22 percent support. Biden’s strong showing suggest what many have been saying the entire election — that he should have thrown his hat into the ring for president.

The poll conducted by Rasmussen asked further questions about Clinton’s health. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has¬†questioned Clinton’s fitness and ability to perform the duties of president. However, 46 percent of voters said they believed the media had spent too much time talking about Clinton’s health. There were 28 percent of voters who said they wanted to know more about Clinton’s health and 21 percent believed the coverage they had seen was the exact right amount. When through a partisan prism 63 percent of Democrats polled say the media has covered Clinton’s health too much, yet only 35 percent of Republicans felt the same way.

Democratic leadership have mulled the possibility of asking Clinton to step down, and have been preparing for the possibility of her dropping out of the race. While Clinton is not expected to voluntarily leave the race, the Democratic party has a duty to its members to prepare for all possibilities.

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