Ice Cube Goes On Truthful Political Rant About Hillary & Trump, After Being Falsely Accused Of Endorsing Trump

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About a month ago Trump accepted an endorsement from Hip Hop Singer Ice Cube after seeing a photoshopped image of Ice Cube wearing a Trump t-shirt. Ice Cube was NOT happy and responded on Twitter.

Ice Cube has come out to give his take on the election:

Via TheHill: “To me, both candidates suck,” he told host Bobby Loco on “Too $hort’s BoomBox” podcast Wednesday, as first reported by TMZ. “They both suck. I want another Obama. Can we get Obama again?”

To Ice Cube there is “a better option” than Hillary or Donald, “The option is, make sure you get your ass up to go to work in the morning, no matter who’s the president […] That’s the option. […] It don’t even matter which one of them motherf—–s becomes president,” the former N.W.A. star added of Clinton and Trump. […] The thing is, you are still not going to have the power to change what they want to do. You have the power to change your situation. I think you should focus on that.”

Cube like many others isn’t happy about Hillary or Donald and uses colorful language to illustrate his point:
“Who would you want your kids to f—-g hang out with for a weekend? It’s just simple. Who you want your kids to be with — Uncle Donald or Aunt Hillary? Who’d you want to watch nieces and nephews?”

To cube Hillary is only the “the less of the two” evils. Explaining the Trump phenomenon “Donald Trump is what Americans love […] Donald Trump is what Americans aspire to be. He looks like a boss to everybody.

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