Hillary’s New Anti-Trump Ad Is EPIC And HORRIFYING, You Need To Watch This!

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Republican Nominee Donald Trump seems like the least qualified person to have the capability to launch nuclear bombs on a whim, yet he could have access to do just that in a few months. This has pundits on both the left and right admitting that Trump does not have the right kind of character to be in that position of power.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a new video which poses this question, what if Trump did have access to those nuclear codes. It relays that Trump met with a foreign policy expert and three times over the course of one meeting asked that since we have nuclear weapons why don’t we use them.

The concept of Trump with nuclear weapons, seems frightening but not possible with polling showing that he had only a 20% chance of winning. Now however his chances are increasing with the race becoming more competitive as we draw closer to the election.

Watch and decide for yourself.

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