Hillary Puts Out Anti-Trump Ad Moments After The Debate Ends Showcasing His Sexism, Trump FURIOUS

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Towards the end of the Presidential Debate Monday night Donald Trump was asked about his treatment of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, among other anti-women comments he’s made. Trump denied that he had done anything wrong, except for defending himself when he’s treated “very badly”.

Hillary was quick to point out one of Trump’s more public sexist debacles: “One of the worst things he’s said, was about a woman in a beauty contest. He loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them. And he called this woman ‘Ms. Piggy.’ Then he called her ‘Ms. Housekeeping,’ because she’s Latina.”

Trump can be seen in the advertisement claiming that Machado gained 40+ lb’s. He also blindsided her when he made one of her workouts a public event with dozens of journalists and photographers. The damage that Trump did to Machado caused her anorexia and bulimia. Machado took to Twitter to thank Hillary for the shoutout and reiterate that she will be voting Hillary this election.

The Clinton campaign was quick to put out an ad to set the record straight, and it’s quite clear that Trump’s anti-women career is robust.

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