Hillary Makes Campaign Announcement After Health Scare

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Following an incident related to heatstroke and pneumonia in which Hillary struggled to get into a secret service van she has made a campaign announcement:

On Sunday night, campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said a planned California campaign trip Monday and Tuesday has been scrubbed. She was scheduled to leave on Monday morning for a two-day swing that included fundraisers and a speech on the economy.

Dr. Lisa Bardack Clintons physician said that she has been put on a regimen of antibiotics and been advised not to travel.

This comes among rumors that top Democrats are urging her to drop out after the combined optics of her coughing, this, not telling people she had pneumonia, and making a statement about half of Trump’s supporters being a “basket of deplorables”.

Pneumonia in of itself is not cause for Hillary to drop out, but the fact that it was concealed has given ways to rumors that this pneumonia is a byproduct of a more serious ailment.

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