Hillary Falls To The Ground On Camera, Dragged Into Van By Secret Service

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Hillary Clinton attended the 9-11 memorial earlier today, she left abruptly citing “heat exhaustion”. Zdenek Gazda from New Jersey captured video posted to Twitter which shows a complete health meltdown, shown below.

As shown in the video she could barely control her body. Her knees buckled under her after being propped up against a pillar. Too many people are surrounding her after she stumbles, but it looks as if she was dragged into the van, which was not a standard secret service van at all. The African-American man seen next to her is her personal paramedic, Conservative Hillary health “conspiracy” nuts have dubbed him her “handler”.

Hillary quickly made a cameo at Chelsea’s apartment saying that she was feeling great and not elaborating past that.

This is no longer a health “conspiracy”. Non-Partisan voters are likely to take this extremely seriously, and Hillary’s health may cost her what was once an easy election.

The temperature was 80 degrees, humidity was high. People who are suspending reality in order to defend Clinton are saying the humidity made this completely reasonable. Hating Trump is not grounds enough to watch video and not have questions. Hillary’s health is now a mainstream issue and her medical records need to be released.


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