Hillary Clinton’s new campaign ad DESTROYS Trump’s disastrous trip to Mexico

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s surprise visit to Mexico has been blowing up in his face on a variety of fronts. Trump was caught in a lie and called out by the president of Mexico after Trump said they didn’t discuss who would pay for Trump’s signature campaign initiative of a border wall, but the president said he told Trump Mexico would not be footing the bill. Now Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is joining the fun and has launched a new campaign video deriding Trump’s disastrous first attempt at foreign policy.

The advertisement is aptly titled, “Trump’s embarrassment in Mexico” begins by asking, “Imagine a president promising to make another country pay for the centerpiece of his agenda” and then cuts to a clip of Trump shouting, “Who’s going to pay for the wall? Who?” with the crowd cheering “Mexico!” to which Trump smugly smiles. The ad then says, “Imagine he finally has to negotiate with that country’s president.” and “Imagine he gets shut down.”

The video then cuts to clips of Trump claiming he didn’t discuss payment for the wall, and Mexico’s president stating they did and that, “I was very clear and emphatic that Mexico won’t pay for the wall.” To punctuate their point the video ends, “As a candidate, Donald Trump has already embarrassed us on the world stage. Imagine him as president.”

While Trump likes to claim he would be the best president ever, the simple fact is he has exactly zero foreign policy experience. Before the debacle in Mexico, Trump had never met with another world leader. His lack of experience was on full display for all to see, and Clinton’s campaign was correct to point out his shortcoming. Being elected to the highest office in America is not something one can do with a learning curve, particularly Trump who has shown himself to be someone who resists learning new things.

Watch the ad below:

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