Hilarious new initiative called ‘Guac The Vote’ takes on Trump to register taco loving voters

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The creativity of individuals standing against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shows the true spirit of the movement against him. Trump is used to getting his way and forcing his will upon individuals, but he cannot buy his way out of year-long campaign of hatred, bigotry, and fear. The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has launched a campaign against Trump which comically uses his own rhetoric against him called “Guac The Vote!

The president of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Javier Palomarez, is leading an initiative to band together 200 chambers of commerce to rally as many taco trucks as possible to become areas that help sign up voters. Individuals who enjoy tacos will likely be displeased Trump is seeking to deport millions of Mexicans who help to make their favorite items, and are far more likely to register to vote to protect their favorite foods. While the shallowness of the voting public is certainly something with which could be commented upon, the ploy itself is genius and its implementation is one of a masterclass strategist.

Palomarez said, “We are hoping in the next to weeks it will be in full swing.” He is also lobbying various chambers to help subsidize the cost of registering voters so the effort doesn’t fall to the truck owners who almost always are operating on a shoe string budget.

The regional organizing director for the Democratic party in Florida Tweeted the following image to show the program is already working:

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