Heckler Screams “F*ck Hillary”, Her Reaction is Priceless

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Hillary Clinton has been the subject of endless hate, comparable only to Barack Obama running for President. After announcing that she has pneumonia reasonable people recognized what a badass she is for persevering through her campaign without taking time off, while the right speculated that she will die any moment. The speculation against her has been that she has Parkinson’s and uses a body double. Typical right wing conspiracy.

Hillary can’t be kept down by pneumonia, and today she delivered a speech in North Carolina.

Somehow a Trump supporter got in, and in typical Trumper fashion screamed out “F*ck you Hillary” to Clinton. The crowd immediately started to chant “HILLARY!” and then Hillary in a way only she can gave her soft giggle to recognize how absurd these people are.

Via Addicting Info: “Now, I just want to have a conversation and other people can wave their arms and their signs,” she said after the moment passed, going back into her speech like nothing happened as the heckler was escorted out.

Interestingly, she didn’t order her supporters to attack the man. She didn’t lash out, she didn’t insult him. She respected his right to display a dissenting opinion. This is something you would never see at a Trump rally, where the 2016 nominee’s “basket of deplorables” regularly beat protesters — especially the elderly and minorities — senseless for expressing themselves.

This perfectly illustrates why we need Hillary as our next President. It stands in stark contrast to all of the violence at Trump rallies.

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