George Takei just BRUTALIZED Trump on Twitter and it was AMAZING

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One of the Internet’s favorite people and one of America’s greatest citizens, George Takei, absolutely crucified Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after Trump attempted taking a few pot shots. Trump did his best to paint President Barack Obama as lazy and a bad president for campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump is apparently under the impression that a president has to be inside the White House at all times, sitting inside the Oval Office, and can not do their jobs remotely from anywhere else on the planet. Air Force One is just a large plane and not a flying office building, right? These are the things Trump must believe for him to spew forth his rhetoric.

Trump tweeted:

Why isn’t President Obama working instead of campaigning for Hillary Clinton?

Takei happily answered Trump’s question, but Trump didn’t like the answer:

As Commander-in-Chief, he is sworn to protect us from threats both foreign and domestic. You, sir, are the latter.


In a sign of defeat, Trump then in cowardly fashion deleted the Tweet not wanting the world to see the open handed slap he had received from Takei. It was a glorious moment for individuals against Trump, to see the man who refuses to apologize or back down to slither away hoping nobody noticed. Unfortunately for Trump this is the Internet, where nothing can be deleted and people are always watching.

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