Fox News to host presidential debate, moderator says they will allow candidates to LIE

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The Presidential Debate Commission have selected the dates, times and locations have been set for the 2016 presidential debates where Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will face Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on live television in front of the entire world. To the surprise of many Fox News has wrangled a date for themselves, which is a first for the pro-Trump network and the debate’s moderator Chris Wallace has vowed to allow the candidates to lie through their teeth without his interruption.

Wallace was interviewed on Fox News by fellow host Howard Kurtz who asked, “What do you do if they make assertions that you know to be untrue?” Wallace quickly quipped, “That’s not my job. It’s not my job to be a truth squad.”

The stance by Wallace is standard fare for Fox News, and many would disagree with his assertion that it is not his job to force candidates to tell the truth. The moderator is the referee and supposed to keep the debate on track. If the moderator knows a candidate has lied during their answer it certainly is their job to hold the candidate responsible for their words. Why Wallace would state he is going to allow lying during the debates has flabberghasted many in the media. Fox News has built its foundation upon slanted coverage, which is why they have never before been allowed the high honor of hosting a presidential debate. The Presidential Debate Commission, which is co-chaired by a Republican and a Democrat, were certainly asleep at the wheel when this decision was made.

Watch the full interview with Wallace here:

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