Donald Trump LOVED it when a speaker said the N-word during his rally

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The racial rhetoric that flows out of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his supporters is despicable and stunning. During a campaign rally in Ohio the heat was turned up by a famous Trump supporter who literally said the N-word on stage, and Trump didn’t bat an eyelash in outrage; instead he had a big grin on his face.

Trump has solicited the help of legendary boxing promoter Don King, who is black, to show the nation that he is not a racist. However, the plan blew up in his face when King dropped an N-bomb. King said:

We need Donald Trump, especially black people, because we have to understand, brothers and sisters, they tried to tell me you have to emulate and imitate the white man and then you can be successful. I told Michael Jackson, if you are poor, you are a poor negro, if you are rich, you are a rich negro. If you are a talented intellectual, you are an intellectual negro. If you are a dancing and sliding and gliding n*gger,I mean, negro you are a dancing and sliding and gliding negro.

Not only did Trump not stop King from making his racially charged comments, he seemed to encourage them by laughing and smiling. In fact nearly everyone thought it was hilarious when King used the N-word. These comments by King were unacceptable, and Trump should have done something, anything, to show he did not approve. Instead he stood there happy as a clam, likely upset that he wasn’t able to say the same thing.

Watch the disgusting show below:

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