Donald Trump Crosses The Line, Threatens Hillary With Disgusting Tactic Ahead of Monday’s Debate

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The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is set for Monday, with an expected audience that could exceed 100 million viewers, a size of which would compete with the Superbowl making it the largest politically watched event ever.

With the stakes that high, neither team is sparing any expense to get even a small advantage. As such, Hillary Clinton has invited and Mark Cuban has in turn accepted an invitation to sit in the front row of the debate. Much to the chagrin of Trump who has had a long-time feud with Cuban.

In usual Trump fashion, when feeling slighted in any way he had to quadruple down, so Trump took to twitter to scrawl out this nasty message with his tiny hands:

Flowers rose to fame after Bill Clinton testified under oath that they had had sexual relations.

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