Donald Trump Cites Fake Poll Thinking He’s Winning

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Republican Nominee Donald Trump has been notorious for tweeting any poll where he is up or the race is competitive. That used to make up many of his tweets every day during the primary. And then things turned to the general election and Trump’s Twitter account fell silent after he was no longer leading – in any polls.

Trump, who gets his policy advice from the internet, came across what turned out to be a fake poll, and gleefully tweeted it out without checking. That’s because Trump, who is running to be leader of the free world, doesn’t care if the information he spins out into the internet ether is accurate or not.

Via BiPartian Report: Along with a beautiful graphic, Trump tweeted, “Great new poll- thank you Iowa! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain” The graphic showed Trump speaking to a cheering crowd showing Trump at 44 percent and Clinton at 41 percent. Below that, the graphic cites FiveThirtyEight as the source of the poll; however, that’s where it gets murky.

FiveThirtyEight’s editor-in-chief Nate Silver quickly took to Twitter to correct the error, 538 had not in fact conducted the poll.


This was then followed up by a statement from 538 Senior Political Writer Harry Enten:

To be clear, @fivethirtyeight has not commissioned or sponsored a horserace poll in Ohio. That poll Trump tweeted is among many we aggregate.’

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