Disturbing Details About Donald Trump’s Relationship With Lesser Known Daughter Tiffany Revealed

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Donald Trump’s three “favorite” children Eric, Don Jr. and especially Ivanka follow him around like lost puppies despite the fact they are full grown adults. Although some have looked at them and seen them as evidence of success, one wonders why none of them have ever moved out of his shadow, all working for him, none having any interesting opinions.

And then there’s Tiffany Trump, 22 year old daughter to Trump’s second wife Marla Maples. Tiffany has been invisible, save for a few interviews she’s given and a speech at the RNC. Tiffany Trump although lesser known to the political public she has been an icon online for racy photos and often displayed on an Instagram account called “The Rich Kids Of Instagram”, a place where the children of the richest people in the world seemingly compete to prove who is most out of touch with reality.

Maples told TheDailyBeast: “My daughter is back here wanting to get to know her dad and spend more time with him,” Maples told me, “and I have to really respect that and I do respect that in every way. I was fortunate enough to raise her in California really on my own.”

But, does Donald Trump care? A lot of people think not.

Donald Trump cares most about Donald Trump, and the Trump brand. That’s likely why Ivanka has been so unusually close with him, she embodies the image that he wants to put forth. Trump’s primary concern is his image, his image is his brand, his brand is what keeps him alive.

Tiffany doesn’t seem to be like the other Trump kids, one gets the impression that she is actually normal. While one person might call these photos “racy” I look at them and see a young lady growing up.

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Is the reason why Donald doesn’t have a relationship with his daughter Tiffany because she isn’t interested in being a drone like her siblings? Maples said that Tiffany only spent two weeks a year with Trump on the East Coast, during that time how much time did she see him?

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