Details Emerge Of Why Donald Trump Is Hiding Wife Melania From The Public

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Since the Republican National Convention Melania Trump wife to Republican Nominee Donald Trump has effectively disappeared. The RNC saw Melania face allegations of plagiarizing a speech that First Lady Michelle Obama gave previously, almost word for word.

Since that time more controversies have come to light about her personal life. Melania claimed to have a college degree on a personal website, one it gained attention and questions were asked, the website has been taken down. Since those incidents, absolute silence.


Via Washington Post: Her long silence followed the fiasco over her convention speech, parts of which turned out to have been plagiarized. Then she took her website down after revelations that there was no record she had obtained a college degree, as her site had claimed. And while the issue of illegal immigration is central to her husband’s platform, neither Melania Trump nor the Trump campaign has produced documentation to prove how the Slovenian immigrant got a visa to work in the United States or how she obtained her green card in 2001. Melania Trump has said she has been “at all times in full compliance” with immigration laws; Donald Trump has said his wife is “so documented.”

Even as the campaign declines to fill in details of her life story, Melania Trump has deployed an attorney to beat back news reports probing her past. Last week, the former fashion model filed a libel suit against a blogger and a British newspaper for reports, since retracted, suggesting that she once worked as an escort.

Questions about Melania’s personal life and immigration history have been rampant. There was a suggestion made that she may have been a high end escort, directly after that story was posted news bulletins reported that Trump was suing DailyMail for over $100 million for defamation.


After questions were raised about Melania’s immigration status Trump said there would be a press conference to disclose how everything was on the up and up, but that press conference never happened.

Otherwise, the woman who could oversee a White House staff and command a global platform on behalf of the United States has said almost nothing. A news conference at which her husband promised to address immigration questions has yet to happen. And there is no sign that Melania Trump will play a significant role in the final stretch of her husband’s campaign — a striking departure from tradition in which candidates’ spouses serve as key surrogates in the effort to turn out voters.

What is Melania hiding? There are a few possible explanations, there are likely aspects of her personal life which were misrepresented. Additionally, who knows about her immigration status? The regularity with which she was returning to Europe suggest that it was not the type of visa which the public has assumed.

What do you think is going on?

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