Democratic National Committee looking to REPLACE Clinton due to her health

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health has been the subject of fervent debate between political partisans. Some say the episodes of her coughing and losing her balance in the street show she is hiding a secret illness which she cannot disclose to the American people as it would show them she is unfit to be president. Other individuals say Clinton’s health is perfectly fine and that merely because she coughs or stumbles in the street is evidence of absolutely nothing other than what was seen. However, the Democratic party recognizes that while Clinton may not be deathly ill the optics of her public health episodes is not beneficial to her campaign.

A reporter named David Shuster, who is a regularly on MSNBC, but who is probably most well known for occasionally filling in for legendary Keith Olbermann when he was spewing fire and brimstone on the air, took to Twitter to share the news he received from “operatives” within the Democratic Party. Shuster claims unnamed individuals told him the Democratic National Committee is preparing to hold an emergency meeting to consider replacing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. Shuster Tweeted:

If Shuster’s information is correct it would be a disaster for the Democratic Party. With barely two months before the November general election, to suddenly switch candidates would be exactly what Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would need to seize the news cycle and beat the horse dead and bloody that Democrats are corrupt. It makes little sense for the Democrats to consider changing course now when they are so heavily invested in Clinton, so if they do ultimately take this route it will prove to be their downfall.


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