Coulter defends Trump’s ‘retard’ impersonation

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While appearing on the program “With All Due Respect” Ann Coulter defended Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s apparent mocking of a disabled journalist by saying Trump was simply doing his imitation of a “standard retard.”

Host┬áJohn Heilemann grilled Coulter with a quote from her book. He said, “You wrote in the book, ‘It’s true Trump was not mimicking any mannerisms┬áSerge has. He doesn’t jerk around or flail his arms. He’s not retarded. He sits calmly, but if you look at his wrists you’ll see that they are curved in. That’s not the imitation Trump was doing. He was doing a standard retard.’ So my question is are you suggesting he was impersonating┬áSerge Kovaleski, but what you regard as a disabled person? And if so, is that ok? Why this language?”

Coulter was uninterested in backing down from her insensitive comments, as she has made a career about of being outrageous. Her response was typical of the conservative author, “Ok, you don’t like the word? Oh well. The point is, and I’m glad you got back to this because something I didn’t know when I wrote the book is, that it is absolutely an outrageous despicable lie that the media has told about Donald Trump mocking a disabled person.” It appears Coulter lives in an entirely different reality than the rest of us with eyes and the ability to think critically. She went on to say, “He would not do that, he said he would not do that, and the proof positive of this is that in the exact same speech he did the exact same imitation of a general and the media knew that and they will not show us that clip. He has done the exact same imitation of him flailing his arms of Ted Cruz. This is how Donald Trump does an imitation of a flustered cowardly person, or a frightened person. And moreover when someone posted those videos on the Washington Post website in a perfectly respectful comment the Washington Post instantly took it down because they don’t want people to see maybe Trump isn’t a good sketch actor, but he was not mocking a disabled man. That is a media lie.”

The defense of Trump by Coulter is mere window-dressing, as Coulter has books to sell. Her most recent release “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” has been faltering in sales, so she has to do something to drum up business. Apparently she believes the way to do that is to rehash an old Trump scandal referenced in her book, but in reality what she has actually accomplished is reminding the public about what horrible people both she and Trump truly are.

Watch the entire segment below:

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