Conservatives attack Malia Obama for wearing a t-shirt

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President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia used her position as one of the most known teens on the planet to raise awareness about the very real dangers of smoking cigarettes. In taking this action Malia offended conservatives around the nation, because how dare she show herself to be a responsible individual who cares about the health of others? Such nerve, such effrontery! Doesn’t she know her place?

The offending t-shirt said “Smoking Kills” and the outrage from conservatives was swift and bubbling with so much stupidity one wonders how these individuals are able to live their lives without dying from forgetting to breathe. Apparently these members of the brain trust concluded that because Malia was spotted taking a puff off of something, which may or may not have been marijuana, and very well could have been orange peels or potpourri, that she is not entitled to speak out about the very real dangers of smoking cigarettes. As a point of fact there has never been any conclusive evidence, nor studies performed, which show smoking marijuana is detrimental to one’s health.

The individual petty comments range from blatant insults, to threats of harm and worse. The ugliness of conservative ideology is on display for all to see as the individuals shamelessly show how low they will slither in an attempt to score a political point. Obama is literally leaving office in just a few short months and these individuals, having been unable to pin anything else on him, now go for the lowest hanging fruit imaginble by attacking his children. If their tactics don’t show you who they are at their core, then you might just be one of them.

View the stupidity below:


Malia 1

Malia 2

Malia 3


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