Colbert Destroys Trump In Epic Rant And Ridicules Insane Trump Surrogate Who Blames Racism On Obama

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“The news for the last 24 hours has been pretty bad […] Angry people in the streets, some of them in riot gear. And the governor of North Carolina has declared a state of emergency in Charlotte. The shooting of African Americans by police officers and the community outrage that follows seems to keep happening over and over again no matter how many times we do nothing.”

Colbert sympathized with protestors in North Carolina, reminding everyone that again we are doing nothing. Not surprisingly he found it troubling that Conservative commentator Glenn Reynolds tweeted out “Run them down” implying that cars should run over Black Lives Matter protestors blocking the roads.


Via RawStory: He played a clip of an audience member asking what Trump would do about the topic. Trump said that he believes in the practice of “stop and frisk” that former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani started, allowing police to profile people, stop them, and frisk them. The law was ultimately shot down by a federal court as being an example of racial profiling and a violation of the Constitution and racially discriminatory.

Stop and frisk is a policy that leaves most all discretion to officers. Police go into high crime spots and subsequently are apt to harass minority people going about their day. The policy results in exponentially higher arrest rates for African-Americans and Hispanics. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Trump favors such a policy.

Another gem was a Trump surrogate who said that racism didn’t exist until Barack Obama was elected, and blamed blacks for not being successful, claiming that the high rates of one parent families in the black community is an indicator of their inferiority. As usual Conservatives are drastically oversimplifying complex problems.

What’s unfortunate is that we now have to listen to our comedians in order to hear the truth. That said, hats off to Colbert for taking time to talk about some real politics, in lieu of keeping it entirely light hearted. Sometimes we need to be reminded that everything isn’t going great for everyone.

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